Vol. 4

NO INFINITE Vol. 4 - Fall 2016 --> Download for free >> here

Assembled in haste and in protest of the 2016 US presidential charade. Released on November 8, 2016.

Poetry by Anne Boyer, CA Conrad, Jon Papas, Miriam Gabriel / Maryam Imam, Keith Jones, Michael Peters. Boyd Nielson, Daniel Remein, Molly McGuire, Maria Zervos, Andrew K Peterson, Charlotte Seley, Dan Wuenschel, Tamas Panitz.

Translations from the Kurdish by Kawa Nemir, Cemal Süreya translated from the Turkish by Öykü Tekten.

Drawings and visual poems by Feliz Lucia Molina and Paul Ebenkamp.

Cover Art: "Voiceover" by Paul Ebenkamp

Free pdf here. Grab a hard copy at our bigcartel page for $5 + some shipping. We ship to UK.

Printed in an edition of 150 in Olneyville, RI. Hand cut, folded, stapled.

Vol. 3 

NO INFINITE Vol. 3, Spring 2015 - Just $5  >>> here

Southern Writers Feature: Cody-Rose Clevidence, C. Violet Eaton, Jessica Comola, Tim Earley, Whit Griffin, Sara Nicholson and Matthew Henrisken. Also poems by Rod Owens, Mariya Dekyute, Dolly Lemke / Nick Demske, Fleury Colon, Joseph Rathgeber, Joe Hall and an essay on protest and poetry in the U.K. by Justin Katko. Cover and artwork by Julia Sullivan. Grab a copy at our bigcartel page for $5 + some shipping. We ship to UK.

Printed in an edition of 150 in Olneyville, RI on a Sharp digital printer. Hand cut, folded, stapled.

Much thanks to Whit, Audrey and Pat for their help in putting this issue together.

Vol. 2

Download sold out NO INFINITE Vol. 2 (for free!) >>> here

NO INFINITE Vol. 2, Summer 2014 

Featuring work and art by:

Sophia Le Fraga, Jared Stanley, René Char translated by Teresa McMahon, Zach Collins, Richard Owens, David Rich, Mark Pawlak, Patrick Williams, Audrey Mardavich, Semezdin Mehmedinović translated by Ammiel Alcalay, Jill McDonough, Mel Bentley, Derek JG Williams, Inga Eičaitė, Ed Steck, Keith Jones, Joshua Gottlieb-Miller, Jim Dunn, Andrew Peterson, Kev Bewersdorf, David Grundy. Cover art by Inga Eičaitė

2$ shipping in US, $5 shipping to U.K. 68 pgs. Only 150 copies printed.

Printed on a Sharp AR-M277 Digital Imager in Olneyville, Providence, RI in an edition of 150. Hand cut, folded and stapled. Covers printed on 100% recycled paper.

Vol. 1

Download the first issue of sold out NO INFINITE Vol. 1  >>> here

NO INFINITE Vol. 1, Winter 2014 

First issue of Boston based lit journal featuring writing by

Joseph Torra, Thera Webb, John Wesley Coleman III, Charles McGregor, Tamer Mostafa, Annie Gardner, Lance Langdon, James Cook, Victor Valera Mora translated by Anne Boyer, Brandon Dean Lamson, James Stotts, Lewis Feuer, Carl Mehrmann, Peter Picetti, Audrey Mardavich, CA Conrad, Martin Corless-Smith, Boyd Nielson, Daniel Sarver and art by Bryan Olson and Sammy Slabbinck. Cover art by Francesca Caruso.

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